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How much are tacos at Chipotle?

If you have a passion for tacos, look no further than Chipotle, where taco dreams come true. Bursting with bold flavors and customizable options, Chipotle’s tacos are a delight for every taste bud. Whether you prefer soft flour tortillas or crispy corn shells, let’s dive into the world of Chipotle’s tacos and uncover the price for this mouthwatering fiesta.

Below, you’ll find the current prices for tacos at Chipotle:


Chipotle’s Taco Prices

Triple Taco$7.13
One Taco$4.13
Three Tacos$11.04

What’s in Chipotle’s Tacos?

The Art of Taco Craftsmanship

Chipotle takes taco-making to the next level with their dedication to craftsmanship. Each taco is thoughtfully crafted, starting with your choice of tender meats, such as seasoned steak, succulent chicken, flavorful carnitas, or the delectable sofritas for the veggie enthusiasts. Complemented by a medley of fresh toppings like crisp lettuce, tangy salsa, and creamy cheese, these tacos burst with flavor in every bite.

Customization: Your Tacos, Your Way

The beauty of Chipotle lies in its customizable options. You have the freedom to build your tacos just the way you like them. Whether you prefer a traditional trio of meats or a combination that explores various flavors, the power to personalize your tacos rests in your hands. The burstiness of choices ensures that every taco experience at Chipotle is uniquely satisfying.

Side Options for the Ultimate Fiesta

While tacos can shine on their own, Chipotle offers various sides to enhance your flavor fiesta. From the iconic chips with guacamole to refreshing drinks, you can complete your meal with tantalizing additions. These sides come at an affordable cost, ensuring that your taco experience is both delightful and budget-friendly.

The Taco Price Breakdown

Curious about the price for these delectable tacos? Let’s explore the value they bring to your Chipotle dining adventure.

The price of tacos at Chipotle varies depending on your location and the type of meat you choose. Generally, Chipotle’s single taco is around $3 to $4, making it easy to enjoy a flavor-packed meal without worrying about your wallet. The value in Chipotle’s tacos lies not only in the taste but also in the generous portion sizes, which ensures a satisfying and delightful experience.

If you’re seeking an all-encompassing feast, Chipotle offers combo meals that include tacos as part of the package. Combos may come with chips, a drink, or even a side of chips and guacamole, giving you the ultimate dining experience at an attractive price point.

Final Thoughts

Chipotle’s tacos offer a tantalizing and customizable journey for taco enthusiasts. With their dedication to craftsmanship and the freedom to personalize your meal, every taco experience is an explosion of flavors and satisfaction. The price for these delicious creations is budget-friendly, around $3 to $4 for a single taco. So, the next time you’re craving a flavor fiesta, head to Chipotle and immerse yourself in the world of mouthwatering tacos that promise to leave you with a smile on your face and taste buds dancing with delight.

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