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How much are chips at Chipotle?

At Chipotle, it’s not just about the main dishes – the sides also steal the show. Among the most loved and delectable offerings on the menu are the tantalizing chips, a perfect accompaniment to your favorite burrito, bowl, or tacos. Let’s dive into the world of these crispy delights and explore how much these mouthwatering chips cost.

Below, you’ll find the current prices for chips at Chipotle:


Chipotle Chips Prices

Chips and Guacamole$4.67
Chips and Roasted Chili-Corn Salsa$2.47
Chips and Tomatillo-Green Chili Salsa$2.47
Chips & Tomatillo-Red Chili Salsa$2.47
Chips & Queso$3.69

Chipotle’s Chips: High in Flavor and Value

A Flavorsome Crunch

Chipotle’s chips are more than just your average side; they are a flavor-packed indulgence. Every golden triangle is seasoned with a hint of salt, making them the perfect balance of savory goodness. Each bite delivers a burst of taste that complements the bold flavors of Chipotle’s main dishes. Whether you enjoy them on their own or paired with salsa or guacamole, these chips are a must-try for anyone seeking a burst of deliciousness.

The Price of Pure Satisfaction

As with everything else on Chipotle’s menu, their chips come at a reasonable price. You can expect to find these crispy delights available as an add-on to your main order or as part of a combo meal, with prices ranging from $1.50 to $4.00. The value of Chipotle’s chips lies not just in their taste but also in the satisfaction they bring to your dining experience. And with their affordable cost, you can indulge in the flavorful crunch without any perplexity about breaking the bank.

Complementing Your Meal

One of the best parts about Chipotle’s chips is how they enhance your meal. Whether you opt for a side of chips to add some extra crunch or include them in a combo, they elevate your dining experience to new heights. Pair them with their signature salsas or fresh guacamole for an explosion of flavors that harmonize with the main dishes.

The Value of a Chipotle Side

Wondering how much you need to set aside for these scrumptious chips? Let’s delve into the value they bring to your Chipotle dining experience.

A Budget-Friendly Addition

At Chipotle, adding chips to your order won’t put a dent in your wallet. The price of these crispy companions is designed to be budget-friendly, allowing you to enjoy them without any worries. Whether you choose to go with a side of chips or as part of a meal deal, they offer excellent value for the taste and satisfaction they provide.

A Perfect Sharing Snack

Chips at Chipotle are not only a personal treat but also a fantastic option for sharing. The generous portion size makes them ideal for enjoying with friends and family. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or attending a party, adding a few orders of chips can turn your event into a flavor-packed fiesta.

Final Thoughts

Whether you enjoy Chipotle’s chips on their own or as part of a combo, these crispy delights complement the bold tastes of the main dishes and are worth every penny. With their budget-friendly pricing, you can savor the crunch without any perplexity about the cost. So, the next time you visit Chipotle, don’t forget to treat yourself to a side of chips and experience the pure delight of these irresistible crispy companions.

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